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Did it ever happen to you that you really wanted something for your birthday and you just couldn't get your wish come true? Well that’s because of Budget cuts. There is less of money to go around for everyone. Governments, families, and us kids. Yesterday, I heard that one out of every eight Americans is presently on foodstamps. It also means that there might not be as much fireworks as they used to be on the fourth of July. The last thing it might mean that many people can't buy food even when prices at the grocery store and clothes stores are lower because of discounts.

More money worries

Because of the economy, life keeps on getting harder for everyone, mostly for us kids as families are affected. Sometimes people think that a lot of changes will happen like prices will get  higher and each dollar will buy less stuff. Other times they think that prices will keep going lower still most cannot afford even basic stuff like food and home. One thing that might help you is that if you ever get any money you should first save as much as you can {somewhere safe and somewhere you could remember}. You can open a bank account or better yet keep it in a mattress as many banks are closing down. Then you should save that money so that if you really want something you can buy it after you collect all that money some how.

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